For me a big one is meditation. This has had a huge impact in my life and I couldn’t live without meditation anymore. It’s the nicest thing to do first thing in the morning to get you into this special state that you can only understand when you are a meditator, so please try it out 😉  It brings your mind in a totally different state and there is no right or wrong way to meditate, so what else can you ask for?

Meditation is a moment to be with yourself, by yourself. And maybe that’s why it’s so difficult for so many people. With an always busy life, who can spare the time to stop and sit down and be mindful? Then there is our always busy mind which probably will try to convince us that it is a waste of time….  Think again because according to growing scientific research, the time you spend on meditation you will win back during the day.

When you decide to start to meditate, good things will come to you, like:

  • You will have less stress
  • You will be less reactive
  • You will understand yourself better
  • You will be happier and have a more peaceful mind

So much of the stress we normally experience comes from the mind. When your mind becomes still, happiness and contentment arises naturally and this will help us cope with the stress and busyness of our daily life.

Try to do some kind of meditation or try just for 5 minutes to sit still. No need to do anything at all, just sit and see what happens or try this short guided meditation to get you started. Do it for some time on a daily basis and try to get it into your system. You will see it will bring you all kinds of positive things. Once you have got this daily practice, then you can extend the time to whatever amount of time is comfortable for you.

Personal development

Then there is personal development where I train my mind. I love to learn and study all kinds of different topics. Some have to do with the work I’m doing and some don’t, but they all enrich my life. I can easily say I’m a kind of personal development junkie because I’m always enrolled in some kind of course. I care to always learn because it is the best way to keep moving forward. I try to think critically and question everything. I would suggest you also do this. Don’t take on beliefs just because a lot of people say the same.


Happiness, the ultimate goal of mankind! Who doesn’t want to be happy? And why have so many people difficulty finding it? Probably because they look for external sources whereas happiness comes from within. Happiness doesn’t come from buying the latest smartphone, a better car or a bigger house. That will give you short-term happiness, but extended happiness lies elsewhere, like from how you perceive life, how much gratitude you practice, how you pay it forward and following your purpose in life for example.

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