So important and so overlooked nowadays in our society: healthy nutrition. We’re living in a world where everything has to be done and achieved fast and we’re losing old and healthy customs like breakfast at home, self-made lunches, and dinner with our family.

Now it’s rather a quick coffee at the cafeteria before getting to work, a quickly bought sandwich for lunch and having it behind our desk or a microwave dinner at home. Our health is getting worse and worse and instead of getting back to home-cooking, we try to solve our health problems with a quick-fix, meaning pills from the doctor. We give our power away by doing so and don’t take the responsibility in our own hands, while we get sicker and sicker as a society.

We’re moving away from nature and forget to drink water, don’t cook at home anymore or rarely, and we, unfortunately, pass this message onto our kids. They will be the first generation in many, many years that will have a shorter lifespan than the generation before.

I think it’s time to take our power back and do something about it.

Let’s look together into:

  • Healthy nutrition without dieting
  • Water intake
  • Organic produce/Home cooking
  • Detoxification

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