Why is it so difficult to find a good balance? Since we are so busy in our life, a lot of things get forgotten and taking good care of ourselves is one of them. Does life go too fast? Do we have too much work? Do we give the right things priority? I know I didn’t at a certain time of my life when I was working too much and didn’t prioritize my own wellbeing. We have been taught that putting ourselves first is selfish, nothing is less true however!

To be able to go through your day with all the demands life puts onto you, you are forced to take good care of yourself. By taking good care of yourself you will be able to achieve a lot more, have great focus at work, take care of your family, spend quality time with them and your friends. You will have enough energy physically and mentally, and also a good focus and a clear mind. Without good energy you can’t have good results!

I learned the hard way how to put myself first. Now I start the day working on myself, physically, mentally and emotionally. This way I have got the right mindset to be productive during the day.

Self-care is really important because it impacts many other areas:

  • Productivity
  • Stress
  • Time-management
  • Relationships

All of these areas are important both at the workplace and at home. When we look into work/private balance we will figure out what is important, how to prioritize and how to get rid of a lot of busyness we don’t need/want.

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