photo by Mirjam Schut

In 2014, after working on a demanding project which took me completely out of my comfort zone and spending way too many hours on it, my body said ‘THIS IS ENOUGH’ and that resulted in a severe shoulder injury. I was operated and couldn’t work for 3 months. During this time I figured out I was totally overworked, stressed out and it was time to make changes.

Health, food and sports have always been my passion and I’m a good listener too so I figured I could be a good Health Coach. I enrolled at IIN and became certified. At this moment I’m studying at RMT (Robbins Madanes Training) to be a life coach.

I love to help people become the best version of themselves and am able to help people who feel overly stressed, unhealthy, overweight and unhappy. Does this resonate with you?
I get them back on track in any or all areas looking at the person in a holistical way, knowing that all areas are interconnected and the person has to be treated as a whole.

Taking care of my own mind and body is crucial for me. I start the morning by working on myself first, so I’m able to take good care of others afterwards. Before going to work, I follow a protocol that includes exercise, meditation, journaling, reading and learning. This way I start the day with the right mindset. I make conscious choices for myself before I let the world take over.

My food choices are optimal so I have a lot of energy to get through the demanding day and do my work in the best possible way without getting stressed out.
Furthermore I have learned to find the right balance between work and my private life.

My purpose in life is to help people get healthy and be more conscious about their wellness. To help them be happier, have more time for themselves and their loved ones and feel more fulfilled.

My vision is a world with less sick people. Seeing more people being happy again. Having a world where the little things are appreciated and where gratitude has a big place. A world with less stress and more balance.

Monique is passionate about healthy eating, taking care of herself in every possible way and caring a lot about other people. She knows how important the above mentioned things are and by giving the example she creates a ripple effect on the people surrounding her. Nevertheless this didn’t feel enough, so that’s why she embarked on her journey into health coaching because of her great empathy with people and their diseases. Furthermore she’s fully aware of the diseases of modern times, working in a big company and being exposed to pressure and stress. After going through a tough time and being able to cure herself, she is now able to help other people get healthy, unstressed, balanced and happy again.

Why would you work with me?

I love helping people become the best version of themselves and I can provide you with great but simple tools so we can make the necessary changes in your lifestyle.

When you work with me you will have a safe space to express your worries, both in your private and professional life. The two are linked so a problem in one area can have impact in the other.

I know where you are because I have been in that place.

4 years ago I changed my life and lifestyle and went from being overly stressed and not having a good work/private balance, to being in a good and relaxed place. I am not stressing out anymore although my plate is full of work, or things to do. At this moment in time I’m living consciously, fully aware of the things I want and more important, I DON’T want in my life, and therefore I prioritize a lot. I know what is important to me and together we will figure this out for you too.

Knowing my own responsibility and not giving my power away anymore, was a huge step on my journey and I will teach you how to do this too.

Furthermore you will learn how to take action, have discipline and take your life into your own hands. I’m not going to tell you it’s going to be easy, I’m still too Dutch for that 😉 (so straight forward) but it will be definitely worthwhile.

If you want/need guidance and support and you’re not afraid of putting some work into it yourself, schedule your first free discovery session with me.