Everything you do, think, eat or drink and how you move falls under lifestyle. Health is not only the absence of disease; health contains physical, psychological and spiritual sources. Body, mind and soul are interconnected and cannot be seen as separate in a holistic way of living.

There are many areas that impact our lifestyle. A lot of the diseases we have nowadays are derived from our way of living. We don’t move that much anymore. Instead we sit behind desks, we travel by car and we chill out on the sofa in the evening with a glass of wine. We hardly walk, lift, pull etc, all the things our ancestors did; physical work is done by all kinds of machines at home.

We’re on our phones, tablets and computers all day long and don’t disconnect from them. We use them until bedtime. OR, we even take our phones into the bedroom, not taking into account all these nasty EMF’s we get exposed to during the night.

Then we don’t sleep enough hours either. We wake up tired, we load up on coffee which has a big impact on our adrenals, therefore we get more stressed and fatigued so we pour ourselves another cup of coffee ending up in a vicious circle.

We go to work in a reactive state because we haven’t taken the time for ourselves and it seems like the first thing we want to see when waking up is the Facebook and Instagram world.

We lose the joy in our work and we don’t have the energy to get through the day effectively. Then when we arrive at home, we really don’t feel like cooking a decent meal or going to the gym.

This all sounds very negative but this situation is totally reversible with the right tools and mindset. Small tweaks go far and soon you will be seeing more positivity, energy, and joy back into your life.

With me you  will learn about:

  • Exercise
  • Sleep (7-8 hrs p/night)
  • How to disconnect from electronic devices
  • Morning and evening routine

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